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High power 20kW FM transmitter

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article image Features a small overall footprint.

EDDYSTONE’S S7820 FM transmitter is a revolution in high power FM, available from Richardson Electronics.

Traditionally manufacturers have achieved 20kW power levels by bolting two 10kW amplifiers together which has the disadvantage of massive power reductions under fault conditions, wasted floor space and a much higher price tag due to the inevitable 3db combiners and loads.

Eddystone's customers insist on high power FM not being an afterthought, so they went back to the drawing board and created the world's smallest footprint, complete all-in-one, purpose-designed 20kW broadband transmitter.

Available from Richardson Electronics , the S7820 is based on the user-friendly modular architecture for which Eddystone Broadcast transmitters are legendary.

The use of 2.5kW hot-pluggable power amplifier modules means that removal of amplifiers can be carried out while the transmitter remains on-air.

The design also features highly efficient hot-pluggable, switched mode power supplies, which also provides ease of servicing.

The S7820 transmitter is an engineers dream - a comprehensive quick-glance tri-colour LED mimic diagram gives an instant system overview, with large moving coil meters providing the forward and reverse power indications.

Features include:

* Compact amplifier and PSU modules are replaceable on air

* Small overall footprint, save on floor space

* Fully compliant with ETS 300 384 specification for FM transmitters

* Easily configured into a wide range of system architectures

* Uses highly efficient SMPS power supplies with PF correction

* Comprehensive remote control and monitoring facilities

* LCD and LEDs provide clear informative local monitoring.

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