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FM receiver for system monitoring and control

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RICHARDSON Electronics has introduced the RVR RX1 NV/LCD FM receiver equipped with an STL link for PC computer link-up.

The receiver offers state-of-the-art sound quality, and features optimum performances in the presence of hard electromagnetic fields, through a strong shielding of subsystems.

All of the receiver’s settings and working parameters can be remotely controlled by means of RS232C, RS485 and I2C interfaces.

Unbalanced audio output can drive 50 Ohm loads with cables of any length.

Key features include:

RS232 connector

The RS232 interface is useful for connecting the demodulator to the station's personal computer or, via modem, to that of a technical assistance centre. The numerical values of signals received are processed by RVR-Acquisition Supervisory Software, with which it is possible to configure in the type and form of the data to be displayed.

Personal computer link-up

By linking the demodulator to a PC (either directly or by a modem/phone or RF), thanks to the RVR supervisory software package it is possible to adjust and read all the receiver settings from the supervisory centre.

On the RX1 NV/LCD's front panel, by a user-friendly graphic interface, all the demodulator's diagnostic and control capabilities are displayed.

The settings which can be monitored and adjusted are as follows:

Release menu. The hardware and software release are displayed.

Radio menu. Setting of the working mode (receiver or diversity mode in which the device is daisy-chained with another receiver) and of frequency. Display of Vu-meter (with peak-hold), RF input signal value and the centre frequency offset with respect to the receiver's working frequency.

Audio menu. On/Off settings for the following functions: channels, audio output (receiver/diversity), selection of the signals to be linked to the XLR connectors, de-emphasis. Display of measurement of the parameters related to the select mode and the measuring unit.

General settings menu. Display of communication settings, node number in the case of networking and baud-rate. Display of "jumper" operating mode settings.

Hardware highlights. Frequency-selective front-end with tuned filter. There is no need for an external RF filter. The input amplifier allows very strong RF signals (up to 23dBm), thanks to the built-in AGC. Double IF conversion with dedicated amplitude and group-delay equalisation circuitry.

The grounding of the different PCBs has been carefully designed to reduce noise to the minimum.

Supply menu. Display of the operational power supply characteristics, power supply voltage levels.

Mute menu. ON/Off/Auto settings for muting circuit. Display of min level (below this value the audio output is muted), max level (over this value the audio output is re-enabled), min time (below this value the muting will not intervene), max time (over this value the audio will not be re-enabled).

Other features of the RVR FM receiver include:

* Dynamic selectivity fully meets CCIR.

* 12µV mono and 170µV stereo sensitivity.

* SMD technology circuits for optimum signal routing.

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