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Eddystone 5kW FM transmitter

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THE Eddystone 5kW FM transmitter features a drive input fed to an internal 16 way splitter, which provides the PA module input drive.

Each E2021 power amplifier uses dual packaged MOSFETs mounted on a substantial heatsink assembly with minimum airflow over RF components.

DC power is fed to the RF modules from the four switched mode power supplies.

Internal control and self protection in case of reverse power, excess current or over temperature is handled within each individual E2021 power amplifier module with all monitoring being microprocessor derived.

Each module of the Eddystone 5kW FM transmitter transmits its internal parameters to the central transmitter controller/monitor (E2023) and parameters are displayed on an easy to read backlit LCD screen.

Features include:

* Compact amplifier and PSU modules are replaceable on air

* Fully compliant with ETS 300 384 specification for FM transmitters

* Easily configured into a wide range of system architectures

* Uses highly efficient SMPS power supplies with PF correction

* Comprehensive remote control and monitoring facilities

* LCD display ensures easy local monitoring

The Eddystone 5kW FM transmitter is available from Richardson Electronics .

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