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E Band communication modules

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article image Implements high stability free running DRO.

WISEWAVE Technologies’ Model SCM-74056020-01 and SCM-84056020-01, available from Richardson Electronics , are engineering prototype modules developed for E Band communication link system demonstration.

These two modules form a complete link to cover the entire 71GHz to 76GHz and 81GHz to 86GHz frequency spectrum.

The modules implement high stability free running DRO, active frequency multiplier, bandpass filter, power divider, sub-harmonically pumped mixer and up-converter, low noise amplifier and power amplifier and T/R diplexer.

The receiver channel provides 8.0dB noise figure and 35dB gain and transmitter channel delivers 15dB gain and 14dBm P-1dB output power.

The IF frequency for both transmitter and receiver is 2.5GHz to 7.5GHz.

The prototype modules measure 177.8mm x 279mm x 63mm and the required dc power for the entire module is +12 Vdc/2A.

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