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A1080-A GPS receiver module introduced by Tyco Electronics

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Fast and sensitive start up behaviour, even for indoor use, and minimal power consumption are just some of the key specifications of the brand new A1080-A GPS receiver module.

Capable of tracking 20 satellites down to a -159dBm signal level, using more than 200,000 correlators for fast and deep signal searches, and all packed into a new power saving design, this is an ideal high performance GPS module for all battery powered applications.

100% pin to pin compatible to Tyco Electronics, value for money GPS module A1037-A, it guarantees a small footprint (19 x 16mm) with easy implementation, even in handheld devices and other size optimised applications.

Besides the price aggressive A1037-A, the flexible A1029-A, the GPS controller module A1030-A, the brand new A1080-A GPS module will complete Tyco Electronics’ GPS receiver module line.

First evaluation kits for performance check and product samples for design-in support will be available in December 2006, with mass production planned for early 2007.

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