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The new Maytag Dependable Care stack dryer

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When it comes to 9kg stack dryers, the new Maytag Dependable Care design, from Richard Jay Laundry Equipment stands out from the competition as one of the fastest, most energy-efficient models on the market.

Key Features include:

Gas or Electric - energy-efficient and cost-effective

Our stack dryers are one of the most energy-efficient models, as well as one of the most cost-effective to run. A gas dryer operating for a 30-minute cycle can cost as little as 11 cents. The electric model for the same cycle would cost as little as 29 cents.

Fast, energy-efficient axial airflow system

Our axial airflow system brings hot air in through the back of the inner drum and exhausts it out the front of the inner drum -- forcing hot air through the clothes basket, no matter how large the load is. This system is faster and more efficient for larger loads than competitors' outdated radial systems, which allow some of the hot air to escape around the tumbler. What's more, the Dependable Care drums have tapered, uneven ribs for better load distribution and faster drying.

Exclusive dual ThermoGuard protection

Two thermostats monitor heat to protect laundry against damaging overheating.

Heavy-duty construction

The Maytag Dependable Care stack dryer is built like a tank – weighing in heavier than any other leading competitor's 9kg stack dryer. Plus, it has a fully welded cabinet for added strength and durability, whereas most other cabinets are riveted or bolted.

Traditional rear belt drive system

Our heavy-duty traditional rear trunnion drive system provides a longer life with less maintenance than competitors' "belt around drum drive" systems. It's very efficient, quiet and easy to service, too.

Narrow width and stacked configuration

The Dependable Care stack dryer is narrower than most competing dryers to fit more units in limited space. And the stacked configuration puts two drying pockets in the floor space of one.

Front-serviceable design

Almost every functional part is accessible from the front of the dryer, with many components in modular assemblies for quick servicing.

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