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Rhinoflex Pinch Valves in cement

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article image Pinch valve sleeves from Rhinoflex Pinch Valves

In Cement and Silo Isolation, Rhinoflex Pinch Valves have replaced many old valves and are used as standard in the new designs and projects as well. The Elastrometric Sleeve is pinched by two pinch bars, creating a bubble tight shut-off, even on suspended solids.

 Features of the Elastrometric sleeve pinch valves include:

  • The sleeve of the pinch valve is the heart of the valve, and is always the correct mix and blend of rubber, prescribed for a specific application
  • These sleeves are field replaceable and offer a much longer wear- life, than metal, exotic alloys, and ceramics
  • The pinch valves are easy to operate
  • Easy to repair
  • The pinch valves offer low cost ownership
  • Suspended solids bounce off the rubber of the pinch valve, other than scraping and gouging a piece off

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