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The Rhinoflex pinch valve has a rubber liner or sleeve through which the media flows through. A mechanism, or air or fluid pressure, opens and closes the liner by "pinching" it.

Therefore, pinch valves work as shut off, (ON-OFF) valves, but they also work extremely well, as control valves, where a definite quantity of flow rate is required. Pinch valves have a wide range of applications, but are most effective for harsh abrasive environments, such as in the process of mineral slurries, and power generation, sector.

Pinch Valves are considered the best option because they offer a full bore/full flow design, without any crevasses or cavities for material to accumulate. In opening and closing the pinch valve, the rubber sleeve stretches, thereby assisting in any built up media to flake off, and due to the flow of the media, the valve will wash out and is always a self cleaning situation on the insides. Unlike all other valves, there is no DEAD SPACE, where a blob of slurry can solidify and block the line; there are no seats or seals, no glands or packing boxes.

Rhinoflex Pinch valves have numerous applications as listed below:

  • Mineral Sands, kaolin, clays, tar sands etc
  • Copper tailings, gold slime, taconite slurry, phosphate slurry
  • Coal and water slurry,
  • Paper, tile, pigments, paint, ink, glue and chemicals
  • Pneumatic conveying of cement, dust, dry-lime, 
  • Food like sauces, tomatoes, chilly, live shrimp, chicken, pig and cattle parts, and grains
  • Blood from meat processing plants

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