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Duckbill Check Valves from Rhinoflex Pinch Valves can be used in a variety of wastewater, storm water, and backflow and flood prevention applications. These valves are engineered to allow the flow of fluid in one direction only and are activated by the amount and the pressure of the fluid present in the system.

The unique shape of the duck-bill can achieve a tight closed position, providing an excellent seal against debris in backflow applications. The force of upstream flow creates high differential pressure across the inside of the valve, causing the valve to open and the media to flow through.

However, back-flowing fluid lowers differential pressure across the valve, so the duckbill valve flexes closed, sealing all fluid along with any suspended debris out. The Rhinoflex Duckbill Check Valve can be highly responsive to very subtle pressure changes in the system.

Unlike conventional check valves such as wafer check valves, duckbill valves require very little maintenance - they lack springs, seats, flappers, hinges and interior metal components that can rust and become corroded. These valves do not require a power source or any exterior actuation. As a result, they are very versatile highly durable, and extremely popular.

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