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Reliable pinch valve sleeves from Rhinoflex

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article image A faulty pinch valve sleeve

Rhinoflex offer a complete range of Pinch Valve sleeves to suit all makes and models of pinch valves on the market.  

With any pinch valve, the operation of the sleeve creates stresses on certain sections of the sleeve. Sometimes these sleeves are not designed and engineered to handle these stresses.  

The sleeve in the accompanying picture has failed, due to the layered, glued together construction of the sleeve, with a seam. This sleeve only lasted four weeks. The sleeve tore at one end near the flange and the flow media got between the layers of rubber, causing it to blow up like a layered balloon.  

The manufacture of such sleeves can lead to problems, such as the need to replace all pinch valves and a major loss in down time and production.  

Rhinoflex understands the nature of the workings of all sleeves and, with modern technology, are well placed to create sleeves to combat all potential challenges and problems. Rhinoflex Pinch valve sleeves are a one piece, fully vulcanized, engineered rubber to suit a range of applications and pressure ratings.   

Rhinoflex Pinch Valves supply quality pinch valves and pinch valve replacement sleeves.

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