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Thermo Scientific HAAKE RheoStress 6000 available from Rheology Solutions

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Thermo Scientific HAAKE RheoStress 6000 is the new generation of the HAAKE RheoStress series that is focused on standard application in R&D and QC.

The HAAKE RheoStress 6000 is fully compatible with existing accessories of previous RheoStress models including temperature control units, measuring geometries and application oriented measuring cells.

A variety of temperature control units are available to reliability and accurately handle temperatures ranging from -80ºC up to 500ºC.

Peltier, electrical or liquid temperature control unit for coaxial cylinders, plate/plate and cone/plate as well as special measuring geometries.

The HAAKE RheoStress 6000 offers:

  • CR (controlled rate) mode: Optimised speed control loop and a low motor inertia (I=10 _Nms2) for fast speed steps within few milliseconds without significant overshoot
  • CS (controlled stress) mode: Advanced patented air-bearing technology plus accurate torque correction (MSC = Micro Stress Control) for measurements at low torque limit
  • CD (controlled deformation) mode: Self learning deformation control loop based on neural network technology for fast parameter adaptations
  • Combinations of measuring modes: Flexible software and firmware for creative job definitions
  • Normal force measurements: Robust and very sensitive normal force sensor based on extremely sensitive and robust strain gauges for measurements between – 50 N and + 50 N

A number of application oriented accessories are available:

  • Pressure cell for use in crude all, drilling fluids, food
  • UV cell for use in coatings, dental material, contact lenses
  • Measuring cell for construction materials for use with cementitious pastes and mortars and samples with large particles
  • Double cone geometry for use with low viscous material where a small quantity is only available or where there is a tendency of evaporation
  • Disposal measuring geometries for samples which are difficult to remove such as cross-linking and curing material
  • Universal holder for individual containers for paints, inks and food
  • 3 point bending tool for food

The Thermo Scientific HAAKE RheoStress 6000 is available from Rheology Solutions .

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