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Texture analyser for raw materials

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RHEOLOGY Solutions has expanded its product range within the field of rheology and materials characterisation with the addition of the EZ Test texture analyser from Shimadzu Scientific Instruments.

In recent years the application of numeric values to the sense of touch for materials and products has become very important.

In particular, in the food industry, various evaluations are made for product quality assurance and the development of new products from raw materials through to the product packaging materials.

The EZ Test texture analyser has two types of software (rheometer software and Win AGS Lite 2000).

A wide selection of jigs opens up a variety of applications such as product quality assurance evaluations by measuring harness alterations and strength evaluation for product packaging and numerically expressing food product texture characteristics like masticability, smoothness, and palatability.

The EZ Test measures such properties as hardness, crispness, elasticity, staleness, crustiness, strength, and brittleness.

The inclusion of the analyser into the Rheology Solutions portfolio further supplements the current range of rheology and material characterisation products across QA, QC, R&D and pilot plants for a variety of food and packaging applications.

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