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Shimadzu universal uniaxial tensile testing range

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IN recent years, the application of numeric values to the sense of touch for materials and products has become very important.

Various evaluations, particularly in the food industry, are made for product quality assurance and the development of new products from raw materials through to the product packaging materials.

Rheology Solutions provides various products for testing including the EZ Test Texture Analyser, which is suitable for raw materials through to packaging materials.

The EZ Test Texture Analyser has two types of software (Rheometer Software and Trapezium 2) and a wide selection of jigs open up a variety of applications such as product packaging and numerically expressing food product texture characteristics like maticabilty, smoothness and palatability.

The EZ Test measures such properties as: hardness, crispiness, elasticity, staleness, crustiness, strength and brittleness.

The EZ’s maximum test forces include: 5N, 10N, 20N, 50N, 500N (choose the load cell to suit any test needs)

The Autograph AGS-J-Table Top Type Universal Tester is suitable for low strength, brittle materials through to strong polymers and end products

The Autographs AGS-J is a column extension type universal tester, which offers high precision and high reliability in material testing.

All operations of the unit are made using the operation panel with a digital LED display showing the actual force or stress and either elongation or strain.

A large variety of convenient functions for high productivity of tests are provided and the system conforms to CE requirements.

Force displacement curves can be recorded on any user-selected scale and a variety of jigs are available including:

* Spring-characteristic evaluation jig

* 45º peel test jig for printed circuit boards

* Cycle bending test jig

* Bending test jig.

Various applied test attachments are available to further extend the performance of the AGS-J. These include attachments for:

* Studies of physical properties including strength

* Tests in desired environments

* Displacement measurement

* Automating tests - the system operates using Windows and has a comprehensive dedicated software package for every application.

The AGS-J’s maximum test forces include: 20N, 50N, 100N, 500N, 1kN and 10kN.

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