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Rheology Solutions to distribute NESLAB products

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article image Temperature control products from NESLAB.

RHEOLOGY Solutions has announced that it will distribute the NESLAB temperature control products range.

Formerly independent companies, NESLAB and HAAKE have joined forces within Thermo Electron Corporation and both brands are now available from Rheology Solutions.

The NESLAB product range includes:

NESLAB EX series of bath circulators

* Temperature range +15°C to +200°C

* Ideal for cooling and heating below, at, or above ambient temperatures

* Typical applications: lasers, condensers, reaction vessels, calibration, rotary evaporators, analytical instrumentation, gel electrophoresis.

NESLAB HX75 process chiller

* Ideal for cooling from 5°C to 35°C.

* A range of process chillers is available to meet specific applications with versatile and flexible configurations

* Typical applications: sputtering, test equipment, laser machining, ct, printing, military applications, reactor vessels, CMP, laser engraving, MRI, linear accelerators, injection moulding.

Immersion coolers

* Provides cooling down to -90°C to +40°C

* Typical laboratory applications: vapour trapping, solvent trapping, freezing points, freeze drying, lyophilisation, impact testing, shell freezing, dry ice replacement.

Recirculating chillers

* Delivers a continuous supply of cooling capacity up to 5045W

* Temperature range 5°C to 35°C

* Typical applications: lasers, reaction vessels, analytical instruments, electron, microscopes, semiconductor manufacturing, medical imaging equipment, printing equipment, condensers.

Ultra low temperature bath circulators

* Designed to achieve low temperatures and maintain excellent temperature stability for consistent results

* Temperature range -90°C to +10°C

* Typical laboratory applications: heat exchangers, cell freezing, kinetic cooling, petroleum studies, cloud point/pour point, calibration, viscosity studies, cooling GC ovens.

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