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Pellet scanning systems

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article image In-line detection of impurities.

RHEOLOGY Solutions and Optical Control Systems (OCS) GmbH supply complete scanning systems to ensure the quality of products from raw materials through to the final product.

One of the major problems with raw materials for packing systems manufactured from polymer melts is the presence of impurities in the feedstock to extruders, resulting in imperfect or discoloured films.

Pellet and powder scanning systems allow impurities in the feedstock to be detected by using a closed circuit camera and associated computer software. The software can be trained to monitor and count user-designated defects, allowing the operator or manager to assess the risks to production of continued use of the feed. If necessary a bypass can be created to remove the impurity from the stream.

On the melt side, a similar system can be installed. A camera can monitor the product, examining for defects such as tears and fish eyes etc. Once detected, these defects can be counted, catalogued according to the preferences of the user and an optical and/or audible alarm can be triggered, allowing the defects to be marked.

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