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Pellet analysing and counting system

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article image The pellet analyser PA66 system.

THE pellet analyser PA66 system from OCS complies with plastic processing industry demands through the combination of the highly sensitive Pellet Shape Size Distribution (PSSD), Pellet Scanner (PS-25C) and real colour measurement CM2 (option).

Impurities are measured in the PS-25C inspection system with the help of a 3-CCD chip colour camera according to colours, sizes and shapes.

High-performance evaluation software processes the raw data into extremely variable visual graphics and table, and also into representations of the defects (mosaic display).

As a modular inspection system the PSSD system counts and measures the size and shape of pellets. The pellet size and shape can be determined in 10 different classes.

The PSSD system also detects twins, triples, spikes and dog-bones as well as pellets with fines and tails. The system can indicate dust and tail proportion. By counting all measured pellets the pellet weight (pellets/g) can be determined, in combination with a weighing device.

The colour measurement CM2 (option) determines the colours of the pellets online with a spectrometer and presents the data in various standards (such as Lab value).

With a suitable layout, the system can be operated both off-line and online.

The time history for each production batch is documented and filed through the automatic storage of all measured data.

Scope of application:

* Opaque pellets

* Coloured pellets

* Non-transparent pellets

* Transparent pellets.

The Pellet Analyser PA66 system is available from Rheology Solutions .

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