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PRISM EuroLab 16mm twin screw extruders from Rheology Solutions

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article image The PRISM EuroLab 16mm twin screw extruder

The PRISM EuroLab 16mm modular twin screw extruder, available from Rheology Solutions , operates with sample batches of 50g up to outputs of 10 kg/h.

The bench mounted 16mm twin-screw extruder is the heart of a complete compounding and sample preparation system. The segmented screw configuration with modular barrel design give flexibility for the full range of polymer processes. A horizontally split barrel, up to 40:1 L/D, has a lift-off top half for easy access to the screws, and the screws themselves have a simple removal device for cleaning and configuration changes. The Thermo ‘fuzzy logic’ heater controls save energy.

The segmented top barrel half is constructed in modules and is easy to reconfigure. Barrel segments are available for feeding solids and liquids or for venting.

Secondary feeders and vacuum pumps can form part of the system. A rugged colour touch screen interface incorporates data acquisition as standard, with an option to download to a remote computer for archiving and analysis. The controls include recipe storage to programme set points for repeatable process conditions.

In October in Melbourne at Ausplas, the PRISM EuroLab 16mm system will be operational, extruding and pelletising a range of plastic samples.

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