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On-line viscosity data collection

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article image On-Line continuous post-ex viscosity data collection.

THE polymer, surface coatings, food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries deal with the processing of diverse fluid streams, including post extrusion (post ex) processing.

One of the most important properties of a fluid during the latter stages of extrusion is the viscosity.

The Haake ProFlow, available from Rheology Solutions , allows continuous monitoring of the fluid as it exits the extruder.

The instrument combines a melt pump (to deliver constant, metered flowrate) and capillary viscometry technology, interfaced with modern, user-friendly software to provide data as the process proceeds.

It may be fitted to most existing extruders, utilising a side stream where a sample is taken from the main flow.

The main benefit possible for the user of the Haake ProFlow is continuous viscosity measurement. Viscosity measurements show the quality of the product as it is being produced, allowing production parameters to be adjusted by the operator or engineer to enhance the efficiency of production.

An option also exists for other rheological measurements, such as elongational measurements. Elongational properties effect the final quality of the product through the surface finish, defects such as ribbing and sharkskin are related to elongational viscosity.

For polymer applications, continuous MFR and MVR measurements are possible. MFR and MVR are important quality control parameters in the polymer industry.

The Haake ProFlow can be connected to any lab-scale, pilot-scale or production extruder using a 1/2" UNF fitting, making retro-fitting to existing equipment relatively straightforward.

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