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New UV modules from Rheology Solutions for UV curing measurements

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article image HAAKE MARS III configuration for UV curing measurements including temperature control

Rheology Solutions  supplies a new line of UV modules for carrying out measurements on UV curing materials in various industrial segments.

UV curing materials are used in various industries for the processing or application of paints, inks, adhesives or coatings with the technology offering several environmental and economical advantages along with improved product.

For instance, UV curing materials ensure higher throughput in production processes thanks to faster curing. The technology also helps produce solvent-free products for environment-friendly processes while improving workplace safety.

Optimised product features including better corrosion and abrasion protection, better chemical resistance and better formability lead to improved products.

A new module has now been developed for the HAAKE MARS rheometer platform for conducting measurements on UV curing materials.

Consisting of an upper shaft with an integrated mirror and an exchangeable quartz glass plate, the UV modules also include a holder for a collimator plus a light guide, mounted to the HAAKE MARS measuring head.

The UV light beam of a commercially available light source, first bundled by the collimator and then reflected by the mirror is directed into the sample vertically from above through the quartz glass plate.

Quartz glass plates with diameters of 8mm and 20mm are available for adaption to different viscosities and G moduli of the samples.

Different standard temperature modules for plate/plate measuring geometries (TM XX-P) using different technologies such as a Peltier-element, electrical heating plus liquid cooling or a circulator are available to cover a wide range of temperatures and applications.

Alternatively the new UV module can be combined with the temperature controlled Rheonaut module for simultaneous measurements of rheological properties and FTIR spectra to investigate structural changes within the sample.

The use of the optional sample hood is recommended for measurements beyond ambient conditions. Made of Teflon, the hood can be used for temperatures up to 240ºC.  

The HAAKE RheoWin rheometer software can be used to create fully automated measuring and evaluation routines including an automatic triggering of the UV light source.

A new measuring mode called FastOSC for oscillatory tests has been developed especially for very fast curing materials. FastOSC offers a data acquisition rate of 500 Hz independent of the oscillation frequency.

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