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Modular torque rheometer platform for process applications

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article image The HAAKE PolyLab OS torque rheometer.

THE HAAKE PolyLab OS is a modular torque rheometer platform for process engineering applications.

The ‘OS’ stands for the fundamental platform of Open System, which allows a number of standardised sensors and systems to be connected to it for optical, viscosity and spectroscopy measurements.

Available from Rheology Solutions Pty Ltd , the HAAKE PolyLab OS is designed to conduct mechanical characterisation of fluids or solids through deformation, shear or stress at defined environmental conditions.

Application areas include:

* Polymers - Processing related data such as melt characteristics, the effects of additives, temperature and shear stability as well as dynamic viscosity during shear are of great importance to the development of innovative polymers. Process simulation in the form of compounding and extrusion of rods, profiles or films combined with rheological or visual measurements assists in optimising procedural parameters to create samples for testing. These samples can also be used to conduct checks on incoming and outgoing goods for viscosity, dispersion or plastifying characteristics.

* Rubber -The impact of carbon black on the cross-linking characteristics of a rubber compound and the dispersion, vulcanisation and flow properties of rubber are key to product quality in the rubber industry.

Optimising the end product mixing times is important to ensure efficient use of production plants and also to successfully launch competitive products into the market.

* Ceramics - Rheological measurement data relating to dispersability, ability to withstand injection moulding and flow characteristics of ceramic injection moulding compounds and pastes provide the ceramics industry with information to optimise products.

* Other application and industry areas include food and pharmaceuticals.

The HAAKE PolyLab OS can be used to perform kneader measurements and extruder experiments on polymers, ceramic mixtures, rubber samples, pharmaceuticals or foods.

After filling the mixer or extruder and starting the series of tests, the operator can leave the equipment and perform other tasks.

The status of a test can be called up using a web browser or organiser regardless of location.

The whole sequence of experiments is defined and executed step-by-step in a software procedure. Errors, alarms or messages requiring attention of the operator are displayed on all monitors.

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