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article image HAAKE MARS with plate sensor system.

THE HAAKE MARS Modular Advanced Rheometer System is a high end controlled stress R&D rheometer platform, available from Rheology Solutions Pty Ltd.

The HAAKE MARS features a design that enables the system to adapt quickly and flexibly to the requirements of different applications and tests.

Temperature control units ensure reliable operation at temperatures from -150°C to +600°C

Special measurement equipment can also be integrated including pressure cells up to 400bar, a UV cell for measuring UV-hardened materials and an optical module for the synchronous analysis of rheological properties and the microscopic structure of a sample.

The rheometer system includes a spectrum of applications covering an entire range of measurement geometries such as coaxial cylinders, plates and spheres, as well as single use (disposable) and customer versions.

The functions of the HAAKE MARS cover all rheological measurements in CR (controlled rate), CS (controlled stress) and CD (controlled deformation) mode, in rotation and oscillation in any combination.

A normal force sensor extends the measurement range to include the measurement of negative normal stress, allowing the rheometer to perform tensile tests.

The Ethernet interface (TCP/IP) guarantees high speed data transfer rates. The integrated web server provides the option of remote servicing and operation.

Measurements in progress can be reviewed quickly either over the Internet or Intranet so that the operator can work on other tasks during testing.

The HAAKE MARS platform is designed to allow all application-related assemblies, including the measuring head and electronics systems to be interchanged. This gives a new dimension to the concept of modularity. This flexible concept allows the rheometer to be adapted to individual requirements.

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