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Micro rheology compounder for pharmaceuticals

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article image The HAAKE MiniLab micro rheology compounder.

THE HAAKE MiniLab micro rheology compounder has been modified to meet the requirements of pharmaceutical manufacturing and is suitable for proof of concept studies and creating specimens for drug delivery systems.

Available from Rheology Solutions , the HAAKE MiniLab enables compounding and rheological measurement with a micro amount of material (approximately 5g) such as pharmaceutical polymers, active ingredients, filling material etc.

This is of interest in early research and development for the evaluation of new formulations for instance during new polymer development, testing of expensive ingredients and material studies.

The system is based on a conical co- or counter-rotating twin-screw compounder.

Manual control is executed using a separate control and monitoring panel, which features easy handling using a menu.

Advantages include:

* Substantial cost saving for proof of concept studies as small quantities of ingredients (5g) are compounded

* Understanding of material characteristics by documenting structural changes using integrated viscosity measurement

* Flexible process conditions for different materials by:

- Using conical or co-rotating screws

- Force feeder especially for continuous feeding.

Features include:

* No painted parts

* All sheet metal is made of stainless steel 1.4301 (304)

* Air supply connectors made of stainless steel.

Barrel includes:

* Stainless steel No. 1.4112 (440 B) - passivated

* Hardened to 55 Rockwell C

* Roughness of wetted surface to 0.4µm.

Control panel includes:

* Data log features time and date plus

* Temperature

* Pressure

* Screw speed

* Real time clock can only be adjusted in the maintenance mode.

The HAAKE Pharma MiniLab works as a standalone unit with a data dump and does not allow software control of the instrument. The data dump contains the following information:

* General data

* Date, equipment type, serial number

* Process data

* Temperature lower barrel, temperature upper barrel, torque, screw speed and pressure.

Force feeder hopper with view ports includes:

* Force feeder

* Stainless steel No: 1.4404 (316 L)

* Roughness electro polished better than 0.8µm

* Force feeder screw

* Stainless steel No: 1.4112 (440 B) - passivated

* Surface roughness 0.8µm.

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