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Micro injection moulding machine

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article image Highly viscous materials can be processed by the HAAKE MiniJet.

THE HAAKE MiniJet injection moulding machine produces small test specimens like tensile bar, impact bars and disks from as little as 5g or material, whether in powder, pellet or melt form.

Available from Rheology Solutions Pty Ltd , the HAAKE MiniJet uses a piston instead of a screw to feed the material into the mould, keeping the barrel volume low. Highly viscous materials can be processed because the injection pressure is up to 1,200 bar.

The HAAKE MiniJet can be used in combination with the HAAKE MiniLab micro rheology compounder, or as a stand alone machine.

Features include:

* Units - bar, psi - oC, F, K

* No pressing lever necessary due to vertical design

* Easy filling of pellet samples

* Same injection pressure with 40% less feeding pressure

* Temperature maximum: 400°C (container)

* Temperature maximum: 250°C (mould).

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