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Maintenance-free in-line viscometers

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RHEOLOGY Solutions has announced it distributes Marimex Industries range of torsional motion viscometers.

The Marimex range of ViscoScope Systems of in line viscometers measures the viscosity of liquids continually and precisely in line. The measurement system consists of a sensor, transmitter and the transmission cable. Safety batteries maybe added, if the sensor is being used in a hazardous area.

The sensor employs no moving parts and is maintenance free.

The viscosity is obtained with the torsional oscillation principle. The power required to maintain the small amplitude and constant shear rate at the resonance frequency of the sensor, is a measure for the viscosity in mPa.s x gr/cm3

The sensor can be mounted in any direction into a reactor, tank, pipe or sample cell. To obtain consistent results, the sensor has to be fully inserted into the liquid. Sensors are manufactured for various viscosity and temperature ranges.

Marimex has many installations within chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food applications. The company supplies process viscosity measurements which allow users to measure in difficult and demanding applications.

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