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Inspection systems from Rheology Solutions

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Film inspection, online inspection systems are an established part of high-quality film production today.

A manufacturer of PE laminating and surface protection films is used to illustrate the incorporation of an integrated quality concept with the aid of practical examples.

PE surface protection, interlayer, label and laminating films have to meet high quality requirements. In particular, these films must have low possible number of fish-eyes, which are unavoidable in PE films.

Fish-eyes are small film homogeneities characterised by their area (size in transmitted light) and protrusion above the film surface.

The fish-eye count is to some extent an inherent film property. Film manufacturers and users therefore try to minimise the fish-eye count and fish-eye size to a level where the fish-eyes pose no problem for the particular film converting process and intended application.

The inspections systems are available from Rheology Solutions .

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