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Industrial rheology seminars and workshops

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RHEOLOGY Solutions is holding a series of seminars and workshops specifically targeting rheology and its applications within four major industry areas, in both Victoria and NSW.

The seminar series will run every four months and will commence in August 2003.

The series will provide a practical and hands on approach to rheology, providing participants the opportunity to demystify the science.

There are four seminars and workshops in the series covering:

* Surface coatings industries - including paint, inks, adhesives, etc.

* Food industries - including gels, emulsions, etc.

* Polymers industries - including rubbers, carbon black, etc.

* Mineral processing industries - including slurries, colloids, etc.

The seminars and workshops will follow an eight section framework:

1. Why Rheology? The series will commence with an introductory lecture, broadly showing application examples, which may be seen in the specific industry being covered. Some practical demonstrations, to illustrate the concepts, on laboratory equipment provided by Rheology Solutions will be carried out.

2. Basics of rheology/materials characterisation: This covers an introduction to rheological terminology and theory, with measurements, run on laboratory equipment during the session to illustrate the concepts.

3. Instrumentation: An overview of what equipment and sensor systems to use for different types of measurement and why they are used including interpretation of data and the various benefits of the information provided.

4. Rheology theory: To facilitate the theoretical presentation the theory will include mini demonstrations and workshop using examples and measurements.

5. Guest Speaker: The guest speaker will be an expert from the specific industry and will speak about the state of the art in the industry, and what challenges the industry currently faces from a materials testing perspective.

6. Summary of support, services, societies and institutes. This will be a general overview and introduction to the rheological community in Australia and internationally.

7. Workshop. The workshop is designed to illustrate the difference in data quality and the appropriateness of different instruments for a given application. Illustrating the differences between instruments enables the user to discover the correct tool for the job.

Several instruments, of different capability and measuring range will be available to illustrate the different applications and uses of rheological and viscometric measurement.

They include quality control rotational viscometers - conforming to ISO 2555, a controlled rate viscometer, and controlled stress rheometers, which can give a variety of levels of data quality and where applicable the range of instruments will include a texture analyser and/or tensile tester.

8. Summary. A summary of the data collection and methodologies used, and the differences between the types of data collected will be provided to conclude the seminar workshop.

There will be a limit of 25-30 people at each of the full day sessions to ensure each participant is provided with hands on experience with measurements during the workshop.

Currently the seminars and workshops are scheduled as follows:

* August 2003 - Surface coatings.

* November 2003 - Food.

* February 2004 - Polymers.

* May 2004 - Mineral processing.

Full details are posted at www.rheologysolutions.com or send an email to info@rheologysolutions.com requesting details on the seminar of interest.

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