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High speed pellet scanning system available from Rheology Solutions

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Today in modern polymer plants online quality control is done automatically and alarming the operators immediately so that the operators can react and avoid more damage to the final product. This close loop concept also allows a grading of the pellet lot.

The Film producers, the customers of the polymer plants, also use web inspection systems to control their final product quality, the quality of the raw materials and also their process parameters.

Between both control concepts exist some interrelationships and also problems, because the environment parameters are different. This relative correlation and the impact for the polymer and film producers will be discussed with practical examples.

High speed pellet scanning system PS200C is available from OCS. The online pellet scan systems inspect the transparent or opaque granules on a vibrating channel or moving belt and detect discolouration and foreign particles.

After inspection these defects can be sorted out into a separate container. The good material can be fed back into the process. These systems reach throughputs up to 250 kg/hr.

PS200C high speed pellet scanning system is available from Rheology Solutions.

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