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Haake Viscotester 7 plus with thermal printer from Rheology Solutions

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The rotational viscometer Haake Viscotester 7 plus in combination with the thermal printer, is a set-up for routine measurements conforming to the ISO 2555 standard and fulfils the requirement for recording and logging measured data.

The Haake Viscotester 7 plus is designed for measurements compliant with the standard ISO 2555.

Each rotational viscometer which fulfils the requirements of this standard is conforming to the Brookfield method and the measurement data of such viscometers are fully comparable with one another as long as the same viscometer type (L or R), same spindle and same rotational speed is used.

Operating of the Haake Viscotester 7 plus can be either manual or computer controlled via the user-friendly Haake RheoWin 3 software (additional options: DFA 21 CFR Part 11 Tool).

In the manual operation mode, the parameters - viscosity, percentage of maximum torque, rotational speed, spindle number, maximum viscosity and temperature are displayed. For recording and logging measure results, the thermal printer can be connected via the RS232 port on the viscometer.

At the end of a measurement the displayed data as well as date and time can be printed out at the push of a button. Moreover, the print-out has a filed for the signature for the operator. Thus the measured data is ready for archival storage.

Haake Mars Accessory range or services are available from Rheology Solutions.

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