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article image Schleibinger BT2 concrete tester

THE Schleibinger BT2 is a compact rheometer for fresh concrete. In contrast to the spread table the concrete is tested at various loads, therefore a relative yield stress and a relative viscosity can be determined.

The construction avoids structural breakdown and segregation during measuring.

Available from Rheology Solutions , the BT2 is small, power independent and easy to use.

A sample of test material is placed in the sample container. The BT2 is fixed into the middle of the sample container and turned one revolution by hand.

The internal software measures the data by monitoring the momentum on the three probes and the angular velocity.

On completion of the measurement the readings can be wirelessly transferred and displayed on an external Palmtop.

As with most rheometers the shear stress is measured at various speeds when a probe is rotating in the container.

Users of the BT2 will get three speeds at the same time. Consequently, one revolution is enough, says Rheology Solutions, and users will never have to measure in the same place twice.

The system is driven by hand, and all the electronics are power independent.

The BT2 is the ideal instrument that is specially designed for the building site, says Rheology Solutions.

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