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Free food sample testing offer

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article image HAAKE CaBER 1 extensional rheometer.

RHEOLOGY Solutions is offering free sample testing on two product samples plus a report detailing the extensional differences between the products. The sample testing will be conducted using a HAAKE CaBER 1 extensional rheometer.

Measurements using the HAAKE CaBER 1 extensional rheometer will provide a quick insight into the material properties under an extensional deformation which occur, for example, during sachet or container filling. The HAAKE CaBER is suitable for examining:

* Stringiness/strand formulation

* Time to break up

* Relaxation of doughs

* Elastic instabilities

Sequence of a CaBER measurement

Testing the extension properties before final production will identify products that are more likely to create a process or production problem and allow you to adjust the formula and eliminate the problem. This would improve your process and product performance and provide a new QA/QC procedural step prior to final production.

If filling of containers or satchels etc is creating a process or product challenge, contact Rheology Solutions to arrange to have your product tested.

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