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Fogging testing equipment

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article image The HAAKE Fogging Test Equipment.

THE term fogging primarily refers to the evaporation of volatile components of soft PVC, textiles or leather materials used for interior fitting and trimmings of motor vehicles.

High temperatures in cars cause the volatiles to evaporate and condense on the windshield and create a fog, thereby impairing the view and causing dangerous driving conditions.

At the same time the materials used become brittle and harder as the volatile components evaporate resulting in material fatigue and premature ageing.

The HAAKE Fogging Test Equipment supplies all the necessary components required to maintain constant test conditions, produce the sample and record the results.

Available from Rheology Solutions , the HAAKE equipment meets the requirements of the national and international standards.

The HAAKE Fogging Test Equipment meets all test standards and norms including:

* ISO 6452/2000

* DIN 75201 - Procedure 'A' (Reflect method) and Procedure 'B' (Gravimetric method)

* SAE J1756.

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