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Extensional rheometer for industry applications

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article image The HAAKE CaBER 1 rheometer.

TESTING the extensional properties before product application will identify products that are more likely to mist and spatter and allow users to adjust the formula and eliminate the problem. This improves process and product performance and provides a new QA/QC procedural step prior to application.

Available from Rheology Solutions , the HAAKE CaBER 1 rheometer is suitable for examining:

* Adhesives - measurement of tackiness - solvent loss or gain

* Associating polymers

* Biomaterials

* Surfactants

* Consumer goods

* Filling of bottles

* Time to breakup

* Solvent loss

* Processability

* Food products

* Stringiness/strand formation

* Time to breakup

* Relaxation of doughs

* Elastic instabilities

* Industrial resins

* Relaxation time spectrum

* Constitutive modelling

* Spinnability.

Free sample testing offer to test extensional properties of surface coatings and inks

Rheology Solutions is offering free sample testing on two product samples and provide a report detailing the extensional differences between the products. The sample testing will be conducted using a HAAKE CaBER 1 extensional rheometer.

Measurements using the HAAKE CaBER 1 extensional rheometer will provide a quick insight into the material properties under an extensional deformation that occurs, for example, during filling.

Printing speed is often limited by the formation of small droplets, so called 'misting'. The release of the ink follows an elongational pattern. The HAAKE CaBER extensional rheometer can detect materials that are more likely to mist or spatter.

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