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Extensional rheometer debuts at Automate

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article image The CaBER 1 extensional rheometer.

RHEOLOGY Solutions is a specialist sales and service organisation and the exclusive Australian distributor for the Thermo Haake, Thermo PRISM, Prescott Instruments and Optical Control Systems (OSC) range of equipment and instruments.

Each of these manufacturers is recognised as the leader in its field within rheology and material characterisation equipment and instruments.

An exciting new product will be displayed at Automate 2002 which is the only commercially available rheometer for measuring extensional properties of fluids, the Capillary Breakup Extensional Rheometer (CaBER).

The CaBER 1 is suitable for examining: adhesives, measurement of tackiness, solvent loss or gain, associating polymers, biomaterials, surfactants, consumer goods, food products, industrial resins, relaxation time spectrum, constitutive modelling, and spinnability.

The CaBER 1 will be shown for the first time in Australia at Expoplas.

Full product details on equipment and instruments for melt flow index, rheometers, capillary rheometer, micro compounders, torque rheometers, mixers, extruders, twin screw extruders, moving die rheometer, mooney viscometers, oscillating disc rheometers, carbon black testing products and optical quality measuring instruments, measuring extruder systems, and the new extensional rheometer, will be available.

The focus of the product range and information on display at Expoplas will cover the needs of QA, R&D and production across the plastics and elastomer products and applications, plus the inclusion of products specifically designed for the extrusion and optical quality measurement of finished films.

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