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Rezitech introduces vacuum systems training seminars

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On-site vacuum pumps and systems training seminars have been introduced by Rezitech Services, which help businesses to understand the mysteries of vacuum principles and help to arm plant managers or engineers and operators with the necessary tools to identify the actual performance of their vacuum pumps, solve the repair problems and determine good solutions for selection of vacuum systems.

The vacuum systems training seminars are conducted in-house at the client’s site. There is no need for participants to leave their worksite as Rezitech Services comes direct to the client, addressing their specific training needs on vacuum pump specifications, operations, testing and maintenance solutions.

Rezitech Services’ seminars are fully interactive. The vacuum systems training seminar is designed in such a way that it can be customised to fit a particular industry, and is presented in layman’s terms.

In the presentation, Rezitech will show videos detailing specific applications, energy saving calculation demos, and examples that have been identified from practical work. Throughout the seminar the Rezitech trainer identifies some key applications, and participants may wish to enquire how certain repairs or vacuum pump testing are performed. The presentation takes approximately 2 hours.

At the end of the session, participants will have a good perception of liquid ring vacuum pumps and systems, understanding how the equipment and/or products work, how they should be installed/used, and how optimal reliability and efficiency is maintained.

The vacuum systems training seminar is a win-win situation as Rezitech Services provides satisfaction with all its training seminars. If clients are not satisfied a full refund of the cost of the seminar is given.

The vacuum systems training seminars from Rezitech Services are a quick way to get concrete, useful knowledge and information about vacuum pump specifications, operations and maintenance. The training seminars will help save time and money for the business and also do the same for customers.

Rezitech Services will come to any location, to show how to manage the vacuum pumps and systems and improve the plant’s efficiency and achieve good results.

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