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New industrial hand cleaner

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article image Hands Off -- a highly effective hand cleaner.

REZITECH Services has introduced Hands Off -- an Australian designed and made industrial strength hand cleaner for use without water.

Hands Off contains a highly effective hand cleaner that will remove dirt, oil, grease, and even substances such as epoxy and silicone.

It is ideal for maintenance staff or anyone working on-site who needs to clean hands quickly and easily. It can also be used for cleaning tools, equipment, and work surfaces.

Together with its strong cleaning power, a moisturiser is impregnated into the cloth to maintain healthier hands.

After using, a residue of moisturiser remains on the hands. Simply rub this into the hands for approximately 20 seconds, then resume work, eliminating the discomfort of dry hands.

Packed in a handy pop up canister, Hands Off is made of strong industrial strength cloth with an abrasive like texture, so it removes stubborn messes with ease.

It allows operators to meet stringent health and safety requirements while simultaneously reducing running costs. Compared with the conventional hand washing methods, using Hands Off reduces the time it takes to clean hands by at least a third.

Benefits include:

* Strong cleaning power

* Moisturising properties

* No water required

* No need to dry hands

* Non-hazardous

* Portable

* Industrial size and strength cloth

* Recyclable canister

* Can also be used to clean tools, equipment and work surfaces.

Rezitech Services is offering a free trial. Simply call 1800 335 508 to receive a free canister.

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