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RST enters oil and gas sector with fracturing fluid extractive technology

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article image RST’s new Jetstream product for oil and gas operations

Leading Australian fine particle and water management company Reynolds Soil Technologies (RST) introduces a new hydrocarbon-free polymer friction modifier solution to help aid the extraction process of oil and gas from great depths after fracturing.

Based on the company’s latest cutting-edge geopolymer technology, the environment-friendly Jetstream product is a highly effective oil-free friction reducer that significantly increases flow rates in water and brine based fracturing applications. 

The Jetstream product has been designed and developed as the latest polymer dispersive technology for aqueous fracturing fluid, helping to improve the extraction process in the oil and gas industry to enhance overall production. 

Delivering better performance over other friction modifier products currently on the market, Jetstream contains no hydrocarbons, mineral oils or surfactants, minimising potential environmental issues and ensuring safety of workers. Supplied ready to use, the new product eliminates the need for special mixing or dissolving equipment onsite.

According to RST Operations and Technical Director David Handel, Jetstream, when added to the fracturing fluid greatly reduces pipe friction, ensuring the liquids are pumped to the surface quickly and safely using considerably less energy.

Mr Handel explains that hydraulic fracturing has become a common method for extracting oil and gas and involves pumping fracturing fluid at high pressure into the bore hole after drilling causing the walls to fracture and release the valuable resource.

Once fractured, the oil or gas seeps through the fissures into the well bore, where it is then pumped to the surface. The addition of friction reducers helps to improve the flow rates; however, current products being used for this process including standard polymer emulsions and powders are not necessarily the safest or most effective solutions.

Jetstream has been developed as an oil-free dispersion polymer that is environment-friendly, fast dissolving and highly effective, and can be easily applied at low concentrations to achieve a reduction in pipe friction of up to 70 – 80 per cent.

Jetstream effectively changes the rheological properties of the fracturing fluid, increasing flow rates without increasing operating and surface treating pressures, helping to extract oil and gas from great depths, using much less hydraulic energy generally needed for pumping.

Mr Handel adds that the new Jetstream product is multifunctional in application and concentration levels could easily be adjusted to suit the client’s requirements.

Dosing rates range from 25ppm to 2500ppm based on the aqueous fracturing fluids; however, the best results are typically achieved in a 100-300ppm range.

Jetstream also offers benefits such as quick hydration, high salt resistance, fast dissolution when injected into an energy mixing zone and excellent friction reducing qualities.

The release of the new Jetstream technology has allowed RST to diversify further into the oil and gas sector, with a range of products to aid the extraction process including drill pad stabilisers as well as erosion and sediment control solutions.

Mr Handel said it was through the application of their dust and stabilising products at drill sites that led to the development of the technology behind the new Jetstream product.

RST’s RT5 product is currently being used on the blast pattern areas to contain dust emissions and prevent the area from essentially becoming a ‘dust bowl’ throughout the blasting process. RT5 acts as a durable crusting veneer; when applied to the pattern area, it binds fine particles together to ensure prolonged soil stabilisation and dust control during low-activity periods.

RST’s latest geopolymer technology is being implemented across many specific engineering applications through a strategic alliance with Queensland-based company Proof Engineers.

RST has more than 26 years of experience specialising in total dust management, soil stabilisation and erosion, water for mine sites, civil projects, ports and land sites in Australia and overseas. 

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