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article image Waste management housing from Reynolds.

REYNOLDS Engineering Services has designed a new waste management housing (WMH) to address problems associated with disposal of oil cans that still contain small quantities of oil.

The WMH facilitates the separation of general rubbish and the correct disposal of not-required oil, oil residue and empty oil cans in a clean and safe manner.

The main collected waste uses standard 120L SULO brand wheeled garbage bins. Waste oil is collected in the integrated 70L oil tank.

The WMH addresses OH&S and fire safety issues and includes environmental pollution controls through the incorporation of a bund tray and fully enclosed cabinet with dual purpose vent and fire extinguisher access.

Features include:

* Separation of general waste from oil cans

* Provision of oil can drainage and collection of empty steel cans for recycling.

* Containment of drained oil in an integrated 70L oil tank and provisions to safely remove oil from oil tank

* Tank can also be removed from cabinet for maintenance and cleaning

* Oil overflow and spillage containment feature (approximately 15L capacity bund under SULO bins)

* High-visibility fibreglass cabinet top with weather resistant self-closing waste flap

* Weather resistant dual-purpose vent, incorporating access for insertion of fire extinguisher/hose and gas detection equipment

* Fibreglass cabinet top has sloping surfaces to discourage placement of rubbish

* Two standard sized 120L SULO brand wheeled garbage bins are housed in the weather proof, corrosion resistant and high durability cabinet

* Provision to easily remove and empty SULO bins containing general waste and metal cans for recycling

* Integrated modular design, unit can be picked up and moved by a forklift for easy relocation in case of emergency.

The Reynolds WMH provides a high visibility, easy to use, easy to service and easy to clean waste management solution.

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