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Micro-organism based oil and grease cleaning

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article image Bio-Circle wash basin for oil and grease cleaning by micro-organisms.

BIO-CIRCLE, available from Revolution Advanced Metals & Materials , uses naturally occurring micro-organisms to continuously consume oil and grease, eliminating the problem and expense of toxic solvent waste disposal, as the water-based cleaning fluid is continually re-generated and re-used.

Worker safety is also enhanced because Bio-Circle uses no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). The liquid is low-irritant and non-flammable.

The micro-organisms are the same as those used to clean up major oil spills such as occurred with the Exxon Valdez in 1989. As long as they are continuously "fed" with oil and grease, they will continue to clean. This means that the cleaning fluid is long-lived and rarely needs to be replaced.

The Bio-Circle has a large wash-basin (load capacity 200kg), and a flexible hose with an integrated brush. It can be easily moved to where it is needed with none of the restrictions normally placed on hazardous materials.

Bio-Circle is environmentally friendly, worker safe and economical.

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