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Easy stain removal from stainless steel

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article image Surface corrosion on stainless is quickly and easily removed using INOX-Clean.

BIO-Chem's INOX-Clean, available from Revolution Materials , is proving to be a safe, effective and economical way of dealing with the problem of removing tea-staining and surface corrosion from stainless steel.

Stainless steel is being used increasingly in architectural applications for balustrades, uprights and supports in external environments, especially near sea-water.

Unfortunately, sometimes even 316 cannot resist salt spray from nearby beaches, coupled with high ambient temperatures in our hot summers. The result is unsightly brown stains on the surface that cannot be removed by normal cleaning.

In fact, using abrasive household cleaners just makes the problem worse by removing the protective chrome-oxide layer that makes it "stainless".

Whilst traditional cleaners based on hydrofluoric, nitric or hydrochloric acid can be used, they are hazardous to the operator and the environment, and may require special precautions if used in public areas.

INOX-Clean is based on a low concentration of phosphoric acid (the same stuff that's in Coca-Cola!). It's special formulation will quickly and easily remove tea-stains and other surface corrosion, but with much less risk to the applicator and the environment.

INOX-Clean comes in a one-litre plastic bottle and is simply brushed on, left to react, then rinsed off. Its surfactants comply with current EU guidelines for biodegradability and it's soluble in water, so run off can be discarded as would any other cleaning product.

INOX-Clean has been successfully used in Australia to remove even quite severe surface corrosion in water treatment plants, where more hazardous products are simply not permitted. It will also clean aluminium and non-ferrous metals.

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