Revolution Advanced Metals and Materials

Bio-Circle bioremedial parts washer. Removes oil & grease without hazardous solvents, no disposal of used cleaner. Environmentally friendly and non-hazardous in use.


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10/09/07 - Revolution Advanced Metals and Materials has released the new range of Surfox Stainless Steel Weld Cleaning Systems.
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08/02/05 - WINDHOVER is a dramatic stainless steel sculpture created by the late Lenton Parr, located on the eastern foreshore of Port Phillip Bay, in Sandringham, Melbourne. Unveiled in December 2001, the sculpture's vertical lines and arcs are evocative of th
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20/05/04 - BIO-Chem's INOX-Clean is proving to be a safe, effective and economical way of dealing with the problem of removing tea-staining and surface corrosion from stainless steel. Stainless steel is being used increasingly in architectural applications, esp
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03/11/03 - BIO-CIRCLE, available from Revolution Advanced Metals & Materials, uses naturally occurring micro-organisms to continuously consume oil and grease, eliminating the problem and expense of toxic solvent waste disposal, as the water-based cleaning fluid
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Brooklyn Business Centre, 1 Cawley Rd
VIC 3013
Tel: 03 9029 3469
Fax: 03 9314 1120

Revolution Advanced Metals and Materials Brands

Bio-Chem Bio-Circle Bio-General Purpose Cleaner Clean and Shine Duraloy fun@welding INOX MO-RE Rubbel Dubbel STARS Stripper-Gel Surfox TMA

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