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Wireless field automation solutions from Retriever Communications

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Retriever Communications  specialise in providing wireless field automation solutions for improving field workers’ productivity. Retriever Communications offer a wide range of mobility solutions such as field service, field inspections, mobile time sheeting, mobile hazard management and field asset management solutions.

Retriever Communications also provide mobility solutions for job schedule and dispatch, local councils, security patrols, transport and logistics and postal and courier industries.

Retriever Communications offer customised and flexible mobility solutions to a wide range of industries. Wireless field service solution from Retriever Communications provides technicians with the necessary tools needed for capturing accurate information. This helps in increasing job productivity and allows them to finish their work quickly and efficiently. Benefits of the field service include speed billing, reduced telecommunication costs and improved transparency and control.

Retriever Communications offer mobile time sheeting that enables staffs to complete their time sheets and helps in improving the administration work. Mobile time sheeting rules out double entries and reduces payment disputes.

Retriever Communications provide mobile hazard management solution that improves onsite safety, reduces risk and improves work productivity. The mobile hazard management solution integrates health and safety issues in to the field data processes. Companies utilising this mobile hazard management service can improve their technicians’ safety and also cover their regulatory compliance requirements.

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