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Retriever Communications unveils ground breaking platform for Mobile Application Development

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Retriever Communications announced the latest version of its advanced and proven Retriever Application Development Environment (RADE) or RADE3. This ground breaking platform is aimed at helping businesses create and deploy device agnostic native application to iOS, Android and Windows Mobile directly from the development platform.

No need to adjust or write code outside the application
New features have been integrated to ensure rapid deployment across multiple mobile operating systems. GPS, bar code, cameras and RFID scanners are also key features of this platform.

RADE3 solves the dilemma of developers spending time building separate native applications with a rich and intuitive user experience for each device, or designing web applications that run on various mobile browsers.

RADE3 also allows developers to integrate device specific capabilities such as GPS, barcode readers, inbuilt cameras and RFID scanners into the application, allowing field service crews to take full advantage of their handset capabilities. 

"As more businesses choose to adopt a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy, it is crucial for developers not to limit their applications by operating system," says Mary Brittain-White, co-founder and CEO of Retriever Communications. 

"For consumer applications, the success of Apple App Store shows the demand of users for rich native apps without compromise.Using RADE3, developers can satisfy these demands in complex business field worker environments whilst still retaining fast deployment cycle," Brittain-White continues. 

Retriever Communications was recently named the winner of the Smarter Planet, Smart Work Award at the IBM Australian Business Partner Awards. The award is awarded to a single IBM business partner nationally, for their outstanding work in improving the dynamic processes in which people work.

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