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Retriever Communications present mobile technology to reduce water usage in gardens

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Retriever Communications , in cooperation with Sydney Water have released a video, featuring all the benefits of using the Love Your Garden programme. The broadcast offers details on how the programme works Sydney Water uses Retriever Communications' mobile application to evaluate the garden's precise watering needs of the customer’s garden. Retriever Communications' mobile application is a real time solution that takes in many factors that contribute to the garden’s well being.

To get an accurate understanding of the garden, the horticulturist will use the data gained from:

  • Soil type and quality
  • Position of plants and trees
  • Type of lawn
  • Sunlight

All these factors alter the amount of water that the customer should use on his garden.

During an appointment, a qualified horticulturist will talk over the results given to him by Retriever Communications' mobile application and offer the watering tools that have been tailored for the garden. This includes a rain gauge, tap timers or Tap Tags.

The video describes the benefits of Love Your Garden and follows the basic steps of a Love Your Garden assessment. Andre, a Sydney water representative, offers a live presentation, and goes through the process and benefits of the programme and how it will save water each month. Sydney Water trials have shown that most participants save both water and improve the health of their garden through the use of appropriate watering techniques.

The Love Your Garden programme dispatches all the jobs out to a sophisticated Retriever application that has been placed on a Motion Tablet PC. This application is used by Sydney Water Horticulturists to assess the surrounding gardens. The advanced mobile technology makes scheduling and dispatching jobs easy.

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