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Mobility solutions - BP invests in its quality management

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BP has invested in its quality management . They have recently implemented Retriever Communication’s mobility solution.

BP Australia is a company on the forefront of technology. After years of struggling with a 7 hour paper-based reporting system the switch to a wireless application has resulted in real benefits and efficiencies.   

Previously, the 7 hour paper-based process captured Compliance information from BP’s Company Owned sites across Australia. After completing the lengthy evaluation and usually after hours, Compliance Advisers were then required to complete manual data entry and report generation. The dated paper-based process took weeks of administration efforts in order to complete data input, entry and reporting. In addition, these efforts were supported by a dedicated resource who would generate higher-level reports each week/month/quarter.  

What BP needed was an application that automated their 150-question survey into a simple form layout. The mobility solution, a Retriever application installed on the Intermec CN3 PDA in order for each site evaluation to be completed and managed with ease.

"The Compliance Advisors are without exception all thrilled with the use of the application at store and now can’t believe how they survived for so long without it.” commented Sonia Harvey, BP’s Compliance and Assurance Manager. 

“It really has made their jobs so much easier and they are so glad to have their evenings back to themselves rather than typing up store visit reports.  Our Store Managers love the format of the new Store Manager report and the fact that they receive it before our team has even left the store.”

After implementing Retriever Communication’s mobility solution all data was sent to and from Compliance Advisors in minutes. The 7 hour evaluation was completely turned around and simplified into a well managed 4-hour inspection, without altering standard business process. BP is particularly fond of their new reporting system that sends on the spot results to store managers as soon as an inspection is complete.  The service is deployed on IBM blade servers to ensure their application is scalable and reliable. IBM’s DB2 database ensures BP’s data is secure. By leveraging

Retriever’s mobility solution BP’s Compliance team has been able to cut labour costs by almost half, improve efficiency and find a proven benefit from investing in mobile software. The success of this mobility solution is expected to grow rapidly, with the current roll out in the BP truckstop network set to create further efficiencies by eliminating third party auditors. The BP NZ Company Owned network is also in the process of introducing the new technology.

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