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Robert Durrant, 20 years of business success

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Robert Durrant is approaching his 20th Anniversary in business.  October 2009 will mark the beginning of a new era and direction for himself, as well as his group of companies.  
Robert Durrant began his business life in North Queensland, and then ventured south to Victoria in 1989 where today he is proud to call his “base for corporate operations.”  Controlling a number of different companies that operate across many different industry sectors, his wealth of knowledge and expertise perfectly positions him to lead his growing team of employees into the future.

Robert Durrant explained that his history was that of learning and understanding.  “I have never been a highly educated person.  Much of what I know in business today has been contributed to the hands on experience within each company, simply learning what works.  I have had many barriers along the way, but I guess the main outcome of it all is the understanding of what is practical, and how decisions can quickly impact your bottom line sales and profits” said Mr Durrant

Mr Durrant explained that his staff are his most valuable asset.  Each and every employee within his organisation is multi-skilled.  This methodology and workplace criteria not only acts as an insulator within tough economic times, but also reinforces the fact that there is no difference in statue or position within our business.  “I have always said that I can carry out any task, within any one of my businesses.  I may not be as fast as the others, but the job will be done, and done well.  I’ve always led by example” said Mr Durrant.

Robert Durrant holds a degree in business management and marketing from the Queensland University.  Robert is also an active member of the Australian Institute of Management, and holds a number of industry specific accreditations and board level management advisory positions.

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