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Vertical conveyor goes to new heights

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PALLET Automation Specialists , suppliers of the new MODU modular conveyor system, has announced a unique adaptation of the inclined belt conveyor which is the MODU vertical wedge conveyor.

A feature of the vertical conveyor is the side gripper chain which allows it to hold or grip the product as it is transferred up the conveyor.

The type and texture of the chain depends on the type of product to be transferred. If the product is cardboard the grip surface is relatively soft as distinct from the surface required for say plastic or metal cans.

The wedge conveyor is mounted at the end of the normal horizontal conveyor section with the side gripper chains gripping the side of the product.

The vertical conveyor can take product up angles from 10 to 90 degrees and allow it to be taken at the elevated height to a more central location where it can be brought down to the normal conveyor height at say a palletising location.

The main function of the MODU gripper conveyor is to lift/lower vertically a light (<2kg) and regular size product using a pair of gripper conveyors. This is a simple, space saving, high capacity yet economical method to convey light product up or down.

MODU can also provide gripper conveyors with manual distant between conveyor adjustment or the other type is linking all conveyor using roller chain so adjustment through a hand wheel is achievable to vary width according to product size.

The new MODU modular wedge conveyor is available in a variety of widths from 60 to 300mm with weights up to 400 grams and is available with curves as tight as 150mm radius and can be used in many applications.

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