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S-type gripper conveyer

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article image S-type design saves floor space and transportation length

MODU, represented by Infovision , has released the GC2005APR gripper conveyor, capable of bringing products from a lower to an upper level or vice versa. They S-type gripper can elevate empty tins for buffering, filling, blowing, palletising and packing. Products can be inverted for cleaning or drying before entering a filling machine or being printed.

Plastic bottles and pucks can be separated and the conveyor creates a cooling buffer at the ceiling level. The S-type design saves floor space and transportation length and requires less transferring of products. It can be integrated with other applications such as blowers and ink printing device. It is flexible enough to match with existing site layouts.

The company has also released a C-type gripper conveyor with an adjustment system. It is controlled by a hand wheel and is manually operated. Users can adjust gripping distance and conveyor height with ACME threaded screw for smooth and accurate adjustment.

The conveyors use Motovario or SEW gear motors, with speeds come of 14m/min to 56m/min. It also uses a fully-guided drive unit avoids chain slag and can run quietly. The drive unit support structure is tough and flexible. Additional component such as blowers, cleaning devices or printing devices can be mounted easily onto the support structure.

The safety enclosure can be constructed of acrylic or polycarbonate sheet. Wire net can be fixed to the support structure directly. Idler end adjustment takes place below the idler unit, which has a total adjustable distance of 40mm. There are two types of idler end, with or without tension (standard).

Two types of chain are available, gripper finger chain and gripper box chain. The gripper pad is made of TPU engineering plastic, giving a high gripping force. A compact, simple unit allows users to adjust conveyor width for various product sizes.

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