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Modu Sushi Belt Conveyor Trains available in New Zealand from Infovision Consulting Group

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Infovision Consulting Group  will be now offering the Modu Sushi Belt Conveyor Trains into the New Zealand market with particular emphasis on the Auckland and Wellington markets.

Infovision has sold over 15 Sushi Belt Conveyor Trains and building three sushi restaurants throughout Australia.

Steve Rothwell who is the MD of Infovision Consulting Group said “we see the New Zealand market especially Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch as being as being a growth area similar to Australia with many people interested in getting into the sushi restaurant business that’s why we now offer both the Sushi Belt conveyor trains, turn key complete restaurants and now our unique sushi kiosks that can be installed into food halls in major shopping centres.

The sushi kiosk come in both large and small versions seating up to 25 people and fitting into areas from 25 to 30 square metres down to a small unit of 15 to 20 square metres seating up to 15 to 20 people and comes complete with cold preparation kitchen, stainless sinks, fridge’s, commercial dishwasher, microwave, bench grill, rice cooker and also comes complete with sushi chef training package and start up chef on site during the start up period.

The centre piece of all the systems is the Modu Sushi Train Conveyor which is built to a highe food grade standard and has a attractive mirror finish stainless steel frame which adds to the look and presentation of any restaurant.

The poly carbonate stickers that are placed on the conveyor chain and are printed with the client’s restaurant name to make it more personalised.

Infovision Consulting Group is the Australasian agents for Modu System conveyors and provides other items such are the complete fit out of the counter and seating areas, restaurant design, rice making machines / robots and other varieties, sushi stools, plates and covers.

Infovision Consulting Group offers commissions to shop fitting companies who are building sushi restaurants and require sushi belt conveyor trains as part of the fit out.

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