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Infovision installs Sushi Belt Conveyor Train at Sushipoint in Redland Bay

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article image Sushi Belt Conveyor Train at Sushipoint

Infovision Consulting Group  has installed a Sushi Belt Conveyor Train at a new Sushi Restaurant located in the Redlands Bay area of Queensland.

This is one of the nicest areas of Southern Queensland and the new Restaurant is called Sushi Point and it is in the Victoria Point Shopping Centre which is about 11/2 hours south of Brisbane.

It is the brain child of Grant Mathias and his wife Sami who are the owners.

Steve Rothwell Infovision’s managing director said “The centrepiece of the restaurant is a 20 metre long MODU Twin Sushi Belt Conveyor Train which was designed in conjunction with Sushipoint and Infovision to suit the building layout.

The MODU Sushi Belt Conveyor Train is also set up to operate from single phase 240volt power which means it does not require 3 phase power even though it is a 3 phase motor.”

He went on to say “Sushipoint represents a Japanese conveyor belt (kaiten) sushi bar but with the restaurant adapted for the West offering quality and a fast fun dining experience.

The restaurant seats 35 people and promises a calming culinary experience for Japanese food lovers in Redland Bay. Sushipoint also purchased two robots from Infovision for rice mixing and rice making.

Sushi Point’s cuisine is based on the Japanese philosophy with trained Japanese Chefs offering natural seasonal flavours, enhanced by modern approach. Sushipoint stocks fresh sushi and food is on the conveyor belt for a maximum of two hours to meet Food Authority Requirements.
The majority of the food is freshly prepared in front of the customers. There is a vast array of healthy choices in their range of Japanese classics including Tempura and Teriyaki.

A spokesman for Infovision Consulting Group said “The MODU Sushi Train Conveyor is built to the highest possible food grade standards and has a very attractive mirror or Matt finish stainless steel frame which adds to the look and presentation of any restaurant. A selection of plates and covers are also supplied.”

Infovision Consulting Group is the Australasian Agent for MODU System conveyors and provides other items such are the complete fit out of the Restaurant, Counter and Seating areas, Sushi Kiosks, restaurant design, rice making robots and other varieties, sushi stools, plates and covers.

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