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Research Engineers offers STADD.beam and STADD.offshore

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Research Engineers  offers web enabled and desktop solutions with help of STADD.beam and STADD.offshore products. STADD.beam from Research Engineers is latest member of STADD family. It is ideal for structural engineers and design products. STADD.beam from Research Engineers also helps in designing composite and non composite steel beams which has multiple spans.

STADD.beam from Research Engineers offers step by step calculations and code clauses which is available in HTML and XML formats. It comes with graphical user interface and helps in analysing HSS beams and channels using matrix method. There is no dialogue box available and help in easy navigation with help of graphical interface. STADD.beam has number of load cases and helps in determining the results at any end of the point.

Research Engineers offers STADD.offshore and it comes with pre and post processor modules. This STADD.offshore program is made from three modules including waveload, fatigue and transport modules. The waveload modules calculate the structure of wave load using STREAM function, AIRY theory and user defined grid wave. The fatigue module from Research Engineers determines fatigue program and calculates fatigue lives of tubular joints. Transport module is ideal for calculating inertia force and generates STADD.Pro loading data.

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